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Tezos NFT’s

This is where you’ll find my birds, freebies, and line drawings, and anything in multiple editions. I use Objkt.com to mint NFT’s on the Tezos blockchain.

Rhapsody, in NFT format.


This goshawk is poetry in motion – a rhapsody of visuals. The goshawk isn’t native to the Ozarks where I live, but prefers the higher mountains of Big Sur. They also live in many European countries. Painted in foraged Ozark pigments.

20 Tezos, edition of 3. Click here for physical merch (link coming soon).

Bald eagle painting by Madison Woods. NFT is available at Objkt.com.

Don’t Mess With Me

15 Tezos on secondary, edition of 3. Listed on May 5, 2022. I still own one of the editions, which will go to the owner of the physical when it sells. Anyone may offer 400 tezos for this edition to also receive the physical, as long as it is in my possession.

Click here for physical merch.

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