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Solana NFT’s

These are the artworks minted on the Solana blockchain. I’m using the Exchange.art platform. Here’s the link to my brand collections over there: https://exchange.art/search?filters=%7B%22collectionArtists%22:%5B%22Madison%20Woods%22%5D%7D When I can figure out a prettier link for that, I’ll post it instead.

On the Auction Block Today

Nothing on the auction block at this time.

The Latest Drop

With the last NFT added, the Coffeetime at Wild Ozark collection is now marked CLOSED. No more in this series will be added.

All of my artwork for sale on the Solana chain are 1/1 fine art built upon artworks painted with my Ozark pigments. In some cases, the original painting will be paired with the NFT. Listing prices will reflect my standard sales prices in USD of original artwork. Any auctions will start slightly below the listing prices I’d usually place.

Muddy Water

If you’ve never tried bourbon with hot coffee, you are missing out on a treat. This one is painted on 5 x 7” handmade paper. Pigments are handmade watercolors from Ozark pigments. I make paint from the rocks here at Wild Ozark. Original ships free to buyer.

The Collections

At the moment there are three collections: Coffee Time with Wild Ozark, A Bit of Nature, and A Bit of Nature Fantasy. I’m not counting the Wild Ozark Tokens as a collection, because none of those are for sale and never will be listed.

Coffeetime at Wild Ozark

There are SIX mints to this collection. All are 1/1 works and have no variations except for physical prints, and the physical painting at their foundation. You can read more about this collection at the Coffee Time page.

A Bit of Nature

There are a total of 4 NFT’s in this collection. Two are sold at the time of this post. You can read more about this collection at the A Bit of Nature page.

A Bit of Nature Fantasy

My banner for the Nature Fantasy collection at Exchange.art.

Wild Ozark Shop Tokens

The collection banner for my tokens at Exchange.art.

If you’re new to NFT’s and don’t have any collected yet, hit me up at Twitter and I’ll send one of my tokens to your wallet. I plan to use them to help people onboard into the NFT world on the Solana platform. They’re all 1/1, but they’re not for sale. These are only for me to give out for free when I feel like it. Who knows if it will have any value in the future, but you’re free to hold (or hodl, as it’s said in the NFT community) or sell or trade it. Maybe one day you’ll be helping onboard someone and can use it that way.

In the meantime, any of my Wild Ozark tokens are worth various USD in my online shop. To use it, send it back to my wallet and I’ll apply the discount for the item you’d like to order. Until I can get my shop set up to take the tokens, you’ll have to let me know after you’ve checked out and I’ll check my wallet and apply the discount as a rebate if my token has been deposited.

Here’s my Solana address: 4e3rrNQGQZbcrANwBy8SAvPJS9XtdNcddAviczonF5EF

See All of My Solana NFT’s

Click HERE to go to my storefront at Exchange.art.

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If there’s something else you’d like to know, please feel free to contact me or leave a comment here on this page. I’m always grateful for feedback on ways I can improve your experience here in my virtual space.

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