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I have works at Opensea.io and Async.art on the Ethereum blockchain. All of the art at both locations are 1/1 artworks.

My art is also available on the Tezos and Solana chains. The projects there are similar but different.

There is a difference between the NFT’s at Opensea.io and the ones I mint at Async.art. Everything at Opensea.io is static – the image doesn’t change. At Async.art, each work has changeable features. The works there are more intricate in the details. Some of them alternate through a time period – whether a change every hour or with some other interval.

Async. Art

These are all works available at Async.art. They all start with one of my traditional paintings. I’ve added other details to them by importing and manipulating hand-drawn elements in pencil to make the scenes richer, with more details than I could with just the painting alone. You’ll notice the color scheme is still mostly the Ozark earthy pigments. The little pops of color from my pencil drawings add a nice accent to the earthy colors of my foraged pigments. Every once in a while, I don’t add the drawings, as in Four of Wands. While it has been color enhanced with Photoshop, the scheme is all Ozark pigment color.

It not only takes longer to create the NFT for Async.art. It’s also more expensive to list them. So, until my wallet can maintain a balance higher than a few hundreths of an Eth, my rate of posting work there is going to be slower.

Barnyard Mayhem, a layered nft work by Madison Woods at Async.art.

Barnyard Mayhem

This was such a fun project. Balloon, goat, chickens, and flowers layers are available for individual purchase. The foundation is my Weesatche House painting, embellished with hand-drawn elements and Photoshop editing.

Available at Async.art

Four of Wands NFT

Four of Wands

where: Async.art

The Four of Wands represents appreciation for family, gratitude for the best things and experiences life has to offer. The central figure in this image is a Twisted Tree clutching eggs within the embrace of her roots, fierce and loving as she guards them. Life-giving waters run a meandering path among the dark and murky landscape – a reminder that even in the darkest hours there is hope for survival. WAGMI.

This work is based upon one of my paintings using Ozark pigments. My inspiration for the ‘eggs’ came from seeing trees alongside the creeks here in northwest Arkansas (USA). Many of them have rocks trapped within the roots and the trees have grown to enclose them.

Warrioress at Async.art.

Warrioress | Twisted Tree No. 2

Where: Async.art SOLD, but the new owner is taking bids.

The image changes every hour to show a whole year of seasons in a 24-hour period. Look for cameo appearances from some of the Wild Ozark wildlife, like bobcat, bear, and deer.

Old Man at Async.art.

Old Man Twisted Tree

Where: Async.art SOLD, but the new owner is taking bids.

The image changes every hour to show a whole year of seasons in a 24-hour period. Check back periodically to see the differences in time of day.


These are the collections I have available through the Opensea.io platform:

These orchids are all hand-drawn in Prismacolor pencils. https://opensea.io/collection/orchids-in-pencil

My Bird Head collection at Opensea.io.

These bird heads are digitally enhanced parts of my original paintings in Ozark pigments. You can get them from Opensea.io: https://opensea.io/collection/bird-head.

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