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NFT Art Projects

I have NFT art on various platforms. Each of the sections below will offer links to take you to my collections for the various cryptocurrencies. Some of my work is offered as unique, 1 of 1 NFT’s. I have work available on Tezos (multiples & 1/1), Solana (1/1), and Ethereum (1/1) blockchains.


NFT artwork on the Tezos blockchain by Madison Woods.
Click to go to Objkt.com

Solana (SOL)

I have a separate page with more details about the works available on the Solana blockchain. Click here to go to it. My artwork here are unique 1 of 1 works, and I also have tokens that I give to new would-be collectors, collectors, and as participation tokens to bidders. These tokens are not for sale, but I give them as gifts. They can also be used to get a rebate for any purchase from my online shop at wildozark.com.


I have art on the Ethereum blockchain at Async.art and Opensea.io. These are all 1 of 1, unique works. At Async, the images change – either by the hour or at night/day intervals, or with the triggering of separate layers. This is the only platform where I sell artworks like this. These images begin with a painting that I digitally modify to create the NFT.

My collection at Async.art.


This was the first platform I minted with, and at the time I was exploring the NFT world and hadn’t established a strategy. As I can afford the gas fees to do so, I’ll be burning the NFTs at Opensea. Any future mints on the Eth platform will be done at Async. At the moment, I can’t afford to mint anymore but do have projects with more of my Twisted Trees I’d like to do there with the 24-hour format. To see works currently on Opensea, click here.

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