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NFT Art Projects

This is the page where you can find out what kind of Wild Ozark NFT art I’m working on and where it will be available. Static images will be listed at Opensea.io, and asynchronous pieces will be listed at Async.art. If you’d like me to let you know when the first minting occurs, email me and I’ll send out a notification. madison@wildozark.com. Thanks for taking a look!


Old Man Twisted Tree

Where: Async.art

The image changes every hour to show a whole year of seasons in a 24-hour period. Check back periodically to see the differences in time of day.

PENDING NFT’S or projects underway

NFT orchid collection

Orchid Collection

where: Opensea.io (Click to see the collection)

Not yet minted, but will do so as soon as gas fees go down some. First to be offered will be the ghost orchid. The backgrounds will be transparent, and original full-res image hosted at IPFS. The owner gets to decide what I do with the original real-life work, and gets a link to the full sized file at IPFS.

You can see them all at the link above, and make offers on any you’re interested in.

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