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The Coffeetime at Wild Ozark NFT collection at exchange.art.

There are a total of SIX 1/1 mints to this collection. The collection is now CLOSED. No more works will be added.

Thanks for Joining me for Coffee Time!

If you’ve arrived to this space from my collection page at Exchange.art, I’m very happy to show you around here in my virtual studio. And if you’ve landed here through a random coincidence, I’m thrilled! And if you’ve found this page after browsing other pages on my websites, that is just wonderful beyond belief. Take a seat and rest a spell. And enjoy some Coffee Time mood here at Wild Ozark.

My Process

All of my NFT artwork begins with a real-life painting. And my paintings all begin with foraging for pigments. I make watercolor paints from local pigments. The sources include rocks, clay, bone, and a couple of plants I’ve found to be lightfast. After the painting is finished, I import the work into Photoshop and make digital enhancements. This is rarely drastic improvements, but does make the painting better for NFT. I brighten some of the color and add highlights, shadows, etc.

If you’d like to learn more about my life as an artist, please visit my bio page. And if you’d like to see all of my art, including NFTs, click here.

The Coffee Time Collection

There are more descriptions to the story behind the art farther down in this page.

Paired Works

For some of my works, there is an available physical painting, if the NFT sells for a price equivalent to the price of the physical original. Once the physical painting is sold, this option is no longer available and a print will be offered to collectors.

NFT Digital Enhancements

Sometimes, my real-life work is less vivid in color than the NFT. My earthy pigments are just not so bright in all the shades and it makes a better digital art if I process it a little to brighten it up. Here’s the collection in real-life so far:

Coffeetime collection by Madison Woods
The artwork ships unframed, free to buyers of the NFT artwork, where an IRL work is available.

Notes about the Works

My Favorite Mug

Don’t all coffee lovers have a favorite mug? This was mine, but I broke it last year. I am glad I memorialized it before that in a painting. Now I have a new favorite mug, and it may become the last of the NFT’s in this collection.

Coffee and Donut

The quintessential duo. Why is it that pastries go so well with a cup of coffee?

With Gusto!

Do you like to buck traditions? Well, then maybe a drinking horn is the ‘mug’ for you!

Beignets for Breakfast

This still-life in Ozark pigments is a tribute to my Cajun/French ancestry. I was raised in south Louisiana in a culture steeped in delicious flavors. My great-grandmother didn’t speak English, and my grandparents spoke French to their old friends and certain family members. My dad’s generation were strongly discouraged (by punishments in school, etc.) from speaking the language, and so it had mostly been lost by the time I came along.

When I was young and staying the night at MawMaw’s house, she often made beignets. Hers were made from scratch – dough dropped into hot grease and then dusted with powdered sugar. My grandparents were always up before dark in the mornings. I always woke to the sounds of a crowing rooster, French talk radio, and clinking sounds of cooking breakfast. These sounds and smells are strongly attached to my memories.

Aside from MawMaw’s beignets, I really enjoy eating them with café au lait at at the Cajun Village in Sorrento, and most especially at Cafe du Monde in the French Quarter in New Orleans, too. That memory is associated with different sounds and smells, but I love it equally.

Coffee Nook

I love living in a place with lots of rocks. These rocks are the source of my pigments, and they are utilitarian in other ways too! I use them to build terraced garden beds and retainer walls. We have hills everywhere (there’s not a flat place on the property). Retainer walls let me make at least small flat spots once I backfill behind the wall. I love stonework, and I love doing stonework. The limitation on what can be done is only what the mind can imagine – but also what the body can do. I built stone steps similar to the ones in this painting and now I want to also make a coffee nook like it. It’s just enough space for a tiny table and one chair. Perfect spot to sit and think, plan, or plot the day’s course.

Muddy Water

Bourbon is an excellent companion to coffee! My husband’s grandpa called this concoction ‘Muddy Water’. This NFT work is based upon my original 5 x 7″ painting using foraged Ozark pigments. Physical painting ships free to first buyer.

Contact Me

My handle is @wildozark at Twitter, Instagram, and FB.

Email me at madison@wildozark.com.

Find out more about me at https://www.wildozark.com/madison-woods/

Visit my collection at Exchange.art

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