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A Bit of Nature

This is a collection of four paintings. Where I live in the Ozarks, it is rural. Many people raise cattle, there are old homesteads everywhere with old sheds like the one I painted, the Buffalo National River is just a short distance away, and we have an abundance of wildlife. So I painted something that represents each of these facets of life out here. Some of my NFT artworks have physical original works paired with them.

In this collection, the Brahman has a corresponding physical work. The minimum bid acceptable to claim the physical for Sassy Lil’ Brahman is a sol equivalency to $2800.00. Old Shed sold and I lowered the price to 1.5 sol. That one no longer has a physical to claim.

A Sassy Lil’ Brahman

This painting is 22 x 30″ and painted using foraged bone pigments. I processed them by charring and ashing the bone to get black and white. The charred, ashed bones were ground into powder and mixed with gum Arabic and honey to make a watercolor paint. This painting is included with the NFT at this time. If the physical sells, I’ll accept a lower the price on the NFT, or if the bidder doesn’t want the physical, I’ll accept a lower offer.

Here’s the listing for the artwork in my online shop if you’d like to read more about it. Prints, notecards are also available to purchase. NFT buyers also get airdropped a shop token that can be used as a rebate coupon for additional purchase from my shop.

Old Shed, Pink Sunset

This is a painting of our old shed. It was probably built by the original homesteaders who settled this area in the late 1800’s, early 1900’s. Electricity didn’t arrive to this valley until 1964. I debated whether or not to paint the power pole into the picture. In the end, I decided in favor after considering how the homeowners here at that time must have loved seeing that pole standing there. Electricity brought comfort and convenience and I’m sure it was greatly appreciated. The original settlers here were a very tough breed of homesteaders.


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Little Rascal

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