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Art by Madison Woods of Wild Ozark

Welcome to my online portfolio. All of my paintings are created using light-fast earth pigments that I gather and process in Madison county, Arkansas. I am an artist in the NWA Mall Gallery. The art on display there varies, but if there is a particular piece you want to see, if it’s not hanging at the moment, I am happy to bring it there for your review during the hours I am working. I work a 4-hour shift one weekend each month. Drop me an email and I’ll let you know when I’ll be there: madison@wildozark.com.

Alternatively, my online shop is open 24-7. Originals, prints, and notecards can be purchased at Shop Wild Ozark.

I also use colored pencils to draw some things, and create NFT artwork from my both my paintings and drawings. You can see the paintings below. To see the NFT work, click here. To see the pencil drawings, click here.

Contact me at madison@wildozark.com for questions or inquiries.

Most Recent Works

Monsieur Crawfish

Down at the Creek, a collection

Adding to the ‘Down at the Creek’ whimsical collection, Monsieur Crawfish dances a jig to the music played by the rock in the previous painting.

  • 4 x 6”
  • in lightfast Ozark watercolor pigments

AVAILABLE in physical painting, archival prints, notecards

Rock Flutist

Down at the Creek, a collection

Today I brought my plein air pack on my morning run and I stopped at the creek on the way back to paint. The flow is low on our little spring-fed branch and the trickling sounds surely influenced my painting. What amazing things I saw! Here’s a rock playing the flute atop more rocks, with a butterfly dancing on the breeze.

  • 5 x 7”
  • in lightfast Ozark watercolor pigments

AVAILABLE in physical painting, archival prints, notecards

Previous Works

If it’s not marked ‘SOLD’, then it should be available in original. Prints are available of all of them. These are organized into annual gallery pages at PaleoPaints.com.

For more information on my process, see wildozark.com. And at PaleoPaints.com, my galleries are arranged by year of completion and you can learn more about the various pigments I use. Please email madison@wildozark.com to inquire about particular paintings, or visit my original art sales pages.

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