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Art by Madison Woods of Wild Ozark

Welcome to my online portfolio. All of my paintings are created using light-fast earth pigments that I gather and process in Madison county, Arkansas. I also use colored pencils and create NFT artwork from my art. You can see the paintings below. To see the NFT work, click here. To see the pencil drawings, click here.

Contact me at madison@wildozark.com for questions or inquiries.

Most Recent Works

A bottle of bourbon and a cuppa coffee make great companions. Painting in Ozark pigments by Madison Woods.

Muddy Water

March 2022

Bourbon is an excellent companion to coffee! My husband’s grandpa called this concoction ‘Muddy Water’. Click here to see NFT version.

  • 5 x 7”
  • in lightfast Ozark watercolor pigments
  • on handmade paper by @whitedragon

AVAILABLE as physical painting and NFT, prints and notecards … and on organic cotton bar towels!.

Coffee Nook

March 2022

A special coffee nook among the rocks, seating for one only. Time out for quiet reflection and strategic planning. Original painting on 8.5 x 11” handmade paper. Pigments are handmade watercolors from Ozark pigments. I make paint from the rocks here at Wild Ozark. Original ships free to buyer.

Click here to see NFT version. (Link live once it’s minted)

  • 8.5 x 11”
  • in lightfast Ozark watercolor pigments
  • on handmade paper by @whitedragon

AVAILABLE in physical painting and NFT.

Beignets for Breakfast

March 2022

This still-life in Ozark pigments is a tribute to my Cajun/French ancestry. It is the 4th in what will be a collection of 6.

When I was young and staying the night at MawMaw’s house, she often made beignets. Hers were made from scratch – dough dropped into hot grease and then dusted with powdered sugar. My grandparents were always up before dark in the mornings. I always woke to the sounds of a crowing rooster, French talk radio, and clinking sounds of cooking breakfast. These sounds and smells are strongly attached to my memories.

Aside from MawMaw’s beignets, I really enjoy eating them with café au lait at Cafe du Monde in the French Quarter in New Orleans, too. That memory is associated with different sounds and smells, but I love it equally.

Pigment source is bone (white), soot (black), yellow, brown and russet sandstones. The color is light-fast. 8.5 x 11″, on handmade cold-press paper. Very textured.

AVAILABLE in physical painting and NFT.

Previous Works

These are organized into annual gallery pages at PaleoPaints.com.

For more information on my process, see wildozark.com. And at PaleoPaints.com, my galleries are arranged by year of completion and you can learn more about the various pigments I use. Please email madison@wildozark.com to inquire about particular paintings, or visit my original art sales pages.

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