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Art by Madison Woods of Wild Ozark

Welcome to my online portfolio. All of my paintings are created using light-fast earth pigments that I gather and process in Madison county, Arkansas (unless it is a painting of a scene outside of our area, in which case I’d use pigments local to that setting) If you have any questions at all, just shoot me an email at madison@wildozark.com.

I don’t have a brick & mortar studio, but my online shop is open 24-7. Originals, prints, and notecards can be purchased at Shop Wild Ozark.

Most Recent Works

A longhorn and highlander cow painted in Ozark pigments by Madison Woods.

Best Friends

These two cows are pasture mates and an unlikely pair.

  • 12 x 16”
  • in lightfast Ozark oil pigments

Original available, prints available.

Jalapeno, the Polish Chicken. A painting in Ozark pigments by Madison Woods.


This Polish chicken is my granddaughter’s favorite chicken. Each year for their birthday, the grandkids pick a subject for me to paint. I frame them a print and make other derivatives from the image for their gift. It’s fun for them, and for me, because I never know what they’ll request.

  • 8.5 x 11” on handmade paper
  • in lightfast Ozark oil pigments

AVAILABLE in physical painting, archival prints, notecards.

Previous Works

If it’s not marked ‘SOLD’, then it should be available in original. Prints are available of all of them. These are organized into annual gallery pages at PaleoPaints.com. Some of my paintings going forward will be in oil medium using the wild Ozark pigments, though I will continue to make and use the Ozark pigment watercolors, as well. In the gallery below, if it’s not marked ‘oil’ then it is watercolor. And if it’s not marked SOLD then it is available in original. Everything is available as prints or notecard.

For more information on my process, see wildozark.com. And at PaleoPaints.com, my galleries are arranged by year of completion and you can learn more about the various pigments I use. Please email madison@wildozark.com to inquire about particular paintings, or visit my original art sales pages.

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